Amsterdam breweries

If the sun is out in Amsterdam, consider it a cue to get outside yourself. Make the most of it with some unique brews from local Amsterdam breweries.

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BierfabriekView profile


The Bierfabriek is such a unique place to drink a few delicious home-brewed beers. Why not order some tasty organic chicken straight from the grill to go with your drink? And feel free to wipe those peanut-shells off the table, the floor actually likes it!

Brouwerij de PraelView profile


There are not many breweries in amsterdam, and the ones that grow their own hop in their backyard are very scarce! Beers of Brouwerij de Prael are brewed from biological grown malts they select and process like in the old days. You can’t get more local than this!

Brouwerij 't IJView profile

Brouwerij 't IJ



Situated next to an old windmill this popular brewery has it all. A solid range of homemade brews and great seasonal limited editions year round.

De Bekeerde SusterView profile


The story of how ‘De bekeerde suster’ got it’s name is fantastic, but too long to describe here. Go visit this magnificent brewery located in an old monastery and find out for yourself!

Brouwerij TroostView profile


A real brewery right in the middle of the good old Pijp. That’s history in the making! Since its opening in march 2014 it’s possible to drink the locally brewed gold in the cafe. And a hamburger from chef Zwagerman will not hurt as a combo!

Butchers TearsView profile


The people at Butchers Tears like to base their brews on historical brewing documents and long forgotten traditions. And to add their own swing they also experiment with different beer cultures and experimentation.

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