The Fault In Our Stars

Good news TFIOS fans. The legendary bench got stolen…but it has returned! You can start off our (first!) romantic The Fault In Our Stars route with your significant other in good old Amsterdam. You may have to fight off some other couples on that bench though (the canal is just a small push away..JK!)

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1. American HotelView profile


A monumental beauty of a hotel. Built in 1900 the Amsterdam American Hotel harboured many of the rich & famous. Expect sophisticated art-deco in a contemporary and light setting. A welcome vibe of the roaring twenties!

2. RijksmuseumView profile


Beautifully renovated and open again since 2013 after a long hiatus, the Rijksmuseum hosts a treasure of Dutch art and history alongside major European and Asian art (the bike tunnel from the movie runs under it!).

3. VondelstraatView profile


The Vondelstraat lies near Vondelpark, don’t miss a great opportunity to visit the street in the scene from The Fault In Our Stars when Hazel & Gus visit Mr. van Houten.

4. Anne Frank HuisView profile


The Anne Frank Huis tells the moving story of a lively, young girl who’s trapped during the German occupation of the Netherlands. Well known because of her diary, The Anne Frank Museum also shows how she and others with her lived during that time.

5. The BenchView profile


Here it is, the TFIOS bench once stolen has returned for all your romantic endeavours. DFTBA and have a seat soon on this star of The Fault In Our Stars.

6. Hotel De FilosoofView profile


The theme of De Filosoof, is culture and philosophy. Every room in this extraordinary hotel is packed with different styles staying true to the theme. Recently immortalised by the touching movie The Fault In Our Stars it’s a very special place to spend the night.

7. Vondelpark /3View profile


Open since june, this completely revamped livingroom of the Vondelpark serves delicious dishes, coffee and quality time close to nature. Dream away on a summerday on the spacious terrace outside or curl up inside with hot cocoa in winter.

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