About Routeselector

From the moment you arrive, we make you feel welcome in the city. Travel time and unique experiences are precious. That’s why we’ll pick you up, bring you everywhere and document magical memories so you can spend your time in the best way possible, in the moment!


Routeselector started out as a platform to document and list creative small businesses, the lifeblood of every city. Worldwide, a lot of them are struggling with increasing rents and dated business models that can’t compete with the internet. Romantic false-flags aside (convincing people to #buylocal will not save anyone), we don’t want their quirkiness to disappear, which is exactly what is happening right now.

A lot of times spaces in gentrifying neighbourhoods are transformed into astronomical priced locations where no person can live or business can make a profit (except tourist shops). This is often the final stage for popular neighbourhoods. As spaces become increasingly unaffordable, vacancy kicks in. Tourists stay away, and landlords are forced to lower their prices. After that the cycle starts again, sabotaging years of progressive development.

Neighbourhoods can only grow into their true self if their heritage is nurtured and expanded upon by the people who live and work there. Without the active involvement of people, businesses, and landlords neighbourhoods get disconnected from their inhabitants and ultimately become theme park-like caricatures of themselves. Tourist shops are often a good indication of loss of identity. Neighbourhoods functioning on a level that is beneficial to everybody is a complex undertaking that requires a lot of flexibility, collaboration and experimentation.

Everybody wants more ‘authentic shops’, but for owners to make a living we need a new definition of what ‘authentic’ means. A clear trend in the market is that we need less ‘stuff’ and more unique experiences. Small businesses rarely cater to that development while it offers a huge opportunity for collaboration and new business.

Possible solutions

We’re trying to stimulate the flow of ideas and collaborations between small business owners and people in the city to forge new movements and reflect the true identity of neighbourhoods. Opening up small business owners to new ideas from local people and intitiatives is how we would like to start. We can’t do it without your help. If you want to start something or support the platform, get in touch!


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