Our intent

Gentrification is at an all time high. Small businesses are disappearing at a rapid pace, often to be transformed into astronomical priced spaces where no business can possibly survive let alone make a profit.

Neighbourhoods can only grow into their true self if their heritage is nurtured and expanded upon by the people who live and work there. Without the active involvement of people and businesses neighbourhoods and cities remain stuck in the past, lose their soul or in the worst case become themepark-like caricatures of themselves. Tourist shops are often a good indication of loss of identity.

We’re trying to stimulate the flow of ideas and collaborations between small business owners and people in the city to forge new movements and reflect the true identity of neighbourhoods.

True reflection is our intent, opening up small business owners to new ideas from local people and intitiatives is how we would like to start. We can’t do it without your help, so if you want to start something, get in touch!


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